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Our Company

Established over 15 years ago, we have emerged as one of the leading gateways for International manufacturers to enter the North American market by uniting them with our local clientele which consists of largest technology redistributors in the USA and North America such as Costco, Newegg and Staples. We believe in success through achieving an invaluable relationship with all our customers and business partners. We also hold that it is our responsibility to provide our valued customers with exceptional support.

Our objective of achieving growth has not been met selfishly but through helping our business partners achieve unprecedented growth themselves by allowing them to tap into an untapped market for their products. Various Asian manufacturers, mainly from China are provided the access to secure brand names for their quality products in the North American market. Whereas our local clientele get a fine and affordable addition to variety of products they are offered.

We have introduced a wide array of internationally manufactured products to the North American consumer market ranging from consumer entertainment products such as TVs, MP3 Players and DVD Players to various hardware components such as wireless mice and keyboards, gaming accessories, Mac accessories and computer/home-entertainment cables to household items such LED Lighting, Universal Remotes, Leather Laptop Bags and Digital Picture Frames.

Over the decade, we have greatly increased the value addition of our product portfolio which now boasts an extensive variety of products. This allows us to constantly expand our operations to new frontiers by significantly enchancing the value added by our services and creating even more opportunities for our manufacturers.